Advertising & Disclosure

MOG Music Network

The Contrapuntist is part of the MOG Music Network. MOG is a popular music social network has found a great way to integrate independently run blogs, such as this one. Our partnership is rather simple. MOG helps bloggers through advertising. In short, MOG make all the advertising deals, and we benefit by earning money through advertising dollars. Plus, The Contrapuntist feed is integrated into the network so all Moggers can see what we are writing about.

ALL Reviews FTC Compliant

The Contrapuntist is FTC compliant. As I mention in my bio, Contrapuntist works in marketing, and understand the importance of providing full disclosure no matter what. In fact, the FTC recently released new guidelines for bloggers and advertisers to follow. You can review FTC guidelines here.

Should you want me to take a listen to your album and review it, I will disclose how I acquired the music. This also holds true for any other product. Please make review requests music-related, after all this is a music blog.

Should you be interested in a partnership and I agree to participate, I will disclose the nature of the partnership by adding a badge and writing a blog post notifying readers about it.

If you have the desire for The Contrapuntist to withhold any information, DO NOT bother contacting us.

Interested in Advertising?

Contrapuntist is more than happy to consider adding other advertising as well. Should you be interested, please feel free to contact me about what you have in mind, and I can put together a customized rate. Contact info: contrapuntist [at] gmail [dot] com.

Affiliate Memberships

Contrapuntist is a member of the LinkShare affiliate marketing network that provides access to a wide range of retailers, services and products. This site may include affiliate links from iTunes, F.Y.E., Rdio and several other advertisers.


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