Transform your viola into something useful!

viola_racketThey burn longer and hold more beer, but did you know that violas make excellent tennis rackets? British violist Graham Oppenheimer has created a video tutorial showing how to turn an unwanted viola into a useful lightweight tennis racket. Just pull off all the extra pieces (the strings, tailpiece, pegs, chin rest, etc.), fill it with expanding builder’s foam, brush it with polyurethane varnish, wrap the neck, and you’ll be good to go. It even fits perfectly inside of a tennis racket case!

This isn’t the first time that an enterprising musician has found other uses for a stringed instrument. The Viola-Matic carbon fiber viola serves an all-purpose kitchen tool. On the flip side, there’s the National Symphony Orchestra violinist Glenn Donelan who created an electric violin out of a Louisville Slugger.

To learn more about how to transform a viola into something you might actually use, check out the video below.

via The Violin Channel

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