Another Time for Three Musician Denied by US Airways

Ranaan_TfTFor the second time this year, a musician from Time for Three has been denied by US Airways. Bassist Ranaan Meyer, who was attempting to fly out of LAX following Time for Three’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars, posted a video on Facebook today in which he explained that US Airways would not permit him to fly with his string bass.

“Here at LAX, US Airways, they’re just not letting us fly with the bass,” Ranaan said in the video. “Basically now I have to rebook myself on a different airline, any other airline, we’ll take it”.

It’s very strange that US Airways refused to accept the bass, given that their own guidelines state, “Musical instruments are considered a fragile item. Fragile items will be accepted as checked baggage if they are appropriately packaged in a container/case designed for shipping such items.”

Thankfully, Delta Airlines came to the rescue about an hour later.  “Now I’m here at Delta Airlines, and they’re hooking me up. They’re taking me home,” Ranaan said in a follow-up video. “They’re the nice ones. They’re not like US Airways.”

This follows an incident in May 2014, when Time for Three violinists Nicholas Kendall and Zachary De Pue were denied access to a US Airways flight at Charlotte Douglas international Airport after the musicians refused to stow their violins in the hold at the request of the airline’s staff. The two violinists were temporarily left stranded on the tarmac until the situation was resolved.

So it looks like US Airways is NOT the friendly skies. At least for musicians.

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