Video Parodies Air Canada’s Ridiculous Musical Instrument Transportation Policies

Air Canada violin/violaA video came out on October 5 poking fun at a recent Air Canada blunder that enraged thousands of musicians. The airline’s musical instrument transportation policy had stated that violins and cellos could be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage, while violas could only be accepted as checked baggage. Given that violas are only slightly larger than violins, while cellos are much larger than either of those instruments, the policy made no sense. And violists across the world spoke up. A story about the inconsistent policy, posted on, received over 4000 social media shares, 200,000 page views, and 27,000 Facebook likes.

Thankfully, Air Canada listened. They released a statement on the violin channel website, stating that the airline would revise their policy to allow violas to be carried as carry-on-luggage.

Meanwhile, Toronto’s Opera Five created the aforementioned video making fun of Air Canada’s policies. Some of my favorites include:

  • Air Canada considers itself acoustically superior to all other airlines. Consequently, in spite of being almost identical to a violin in terms of size, shape, and weight, violas must be checked as luggage. F*** you, violas.
  • Bass banjos can be stored in the overhead bins or underneath the seats in front of you. Good luck with that.
  • Bassoons are permitted on all Air Canada flights as carry-on luggage, provided that you are able to fold them in half… somehow.

You’ll have to check out the rest of the “rules” below.

Image via YouTube

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