Classical Musicians Step up to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Placido Domingo braves some icy water

Summer is finally over, and with it, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge seems to be winding down. Curious about which classical musicians stepped up to the challenge? Below, you’ll find my picks for the best videos. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the challenge has raised over $100 million to date.

My favorite is the one by renowned tenor Placido Domingo, who emitted the most non-musical vocalizations you’ll ever hear coming out of his mouth.

Next is one by the classical comedy duo of Alexi Igudesman and Hyung- Ki Joo. These consummate showmen integrated fireworks and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra into their video. They encouraged donations not only to the ALS foundation but to UNICEF.

The award for the most moxie has to go to San Francisco Opera’s General Director David Gockley, who was challenged by the San Francisco Ballet. “I’m up for any challenge from these guys across the street,” he declares at the beginning of the video. “I mean, if we can’t do what they do, we’re wimps. And we are not wimps.

Lyric Opera of Chicago had the most epic video, in they which lined up on the Lyric Opera Bridge on Madison St. The video, appropriately enough, was accompanied by Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries. Lyric will be donating to Team BAM!, which will be participating in Chicago’s Walk for Life in September in memory of Lyric staff member Stephanie Karr’s mom, Carol Crone.

Others who participated included Dr. Allan Dennis, founder and director of the Midwest Young Artists (who double-dog dared viewers to donate to MYA in addition to the ALS foundation), the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra marketing team, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, violinist Gil ShahamMerit School of Music, Maestro Ludovic Morlot of the Seattle Symphony, London Symphony Orchestra violinist Maxine Kwok AdamsQueenlands Symphony Orchestra, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Time for Three (who asked viewers to make the world a better place by by donating to a charity of their choice), the Utah Symphony Orchestra, and the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (who will also be making donations to the C9ID project, an ALS research project.

Which video is your favorite? Or is there another one that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Photo: Roscle via YouTube.

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