The 9 Best Animal and Music Videos

Bird_pianoToday, I watched an adorable video of  a guy playfully using his cat as a mute for his euphonium. As a musician and an animal lover, I’m a sucker for videos like these. It inspired me to search for even more videos of animals enjoying and making music. Here are the nine best videos I found. I hope you enjoy!

1. Cat Mute for Euphonium

This is the video which sparked my search. I love how the cat pokes his head into the bell of the instrument, trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.

2. Cute Cockatiel Sings My Neighbor Totoro

A cheerful cockatiel sings the theme song from an animated movie, My Neighbor Totoro, with an assist from a keyboardist. He sings with pretty decent intonation and rhythm, for a bird.

3 & 4. Shreddy Cat Fight and Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus!

Some cats just have to get in on the action when their owners are playing guitar. In the first video, Tony Martinez shreds while his cat (around 1:19) fights with his guitar hand. In the second video, comedian DeAnne Smith plays a “Nerdy Love Song” while a kitten persistently bats at her guitar.

5. Jazz for Cows

The New Orleans-style jazz band The New Hot 5 attracted a surprisingly attentive herd of cows as the band performed in a field in Autrans, France. These cows are better behaved than some human audiences I’ve seen.

6 & 7. Mariachi Band and Bagpiper Serenade Beluga Whales

The beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium in Stonington, Connecticut have had the opportunity to enjoy a few different musical performances over the past few years. In 2011, the Mariachi Connecticut band serenaded Juno the whale with the tune, “Yellow Bird”, as the whale danced along with the music. Later, in 2014, bagpiper Tom Leigh played for Juno and her friends Naluark and Kela. There wasn’t any dancing going on, but the whales hovered near Mr. Leigh and eyed him with great interest.

8. 12 Bar Blues – Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant – Thailand

Pianist Paul Barton visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, where he performed for a receptive audience of elephants. An elephant named Peter bobbed his head in time with the beat and hit a some cluster chords with his trunk on the keyboard, while another elephant wiggled his booty in the foreground. The video below is the first of a series of 23 “Music for Elephants” videos which feature elephants and pianos.

9. CATcerto. Mindaugas Piecaitis, Nora the Piano Cat

Nora The Piano Cat became a viral sensation in 2007 when her owners uploaded a video of the cat crafting a tune on an upright piano. Since then, the feline has been featured on a multitude of TV shows including the Today Show, MSNBC’s Caught on Camera, and Animal Planet’s Wild about Animals. The Lithuanian conductor/composer Mindaugas Piecatis took Nora’s stylings to the next level by writing a CATcerto to accompany the kitty’s music. The world premiere took place on June 5, 2009 with the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra in Klaipeda’s Concert Hall. It’s actually quite beautiful. You can check it out below.

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