Satisfy Your ‘Sherlock’ Withdrawal with the Sherlock Fan Orchestra

Alas and alack, the oh-too-short third season of Sherlock has finished. So what’s a devoted fan to do? Why, check out a video by the Sherlock Fan Orchestra (SFO), of course.

Founded in January of 2012, the SFO is an online ensemble which performs arrangements of music from Sherlock. The orchestra came to fruition thanks to a trio of British teens – Alicia Mundy, Matthew Hines, and Elliott Beagley.  “It was Alicia’s idea to start it,” said Matthew Hines in an interview on . “I simply fuelled on the idea and did what needed to be done…”

The group is open to anyone who owns a good quality microphone and can sing or play an instrument. Participants receive click tracks and scores. After three months of practicing and recording, the musicians submit their audio and/or video. One month after that, a video is released.

When the orchestra debuted on YouTube in 2012 with, “Sherlock Main Theme“, the ensemble had 64 members. Its most recent video, “SHERlocked”, released on February 5, 2014, included 142 submissions from 108 members of the ensemble. The current roster of instruments includes strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion as well as untraditional instruments such as a ukulele and a zither.

The ensemble’s next piece will be the “Moriarty Suite”, featuring a medley of popular themes.

You can enjoy “SHERlocked” below.

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