Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini Endorses New Tempo Advance 2.0 App for Advanced Musicians

Mangini and Tempo Advance

Mike Mangini knows rhythm. If you’ve never seen or heard of Mangini, he’s awesome (Watch this), and is the drummer for Dream Theater. When I heard that Mangini had endorsed and was involved in the second generation of this app, it definitely caught our attention.

Tempo Advance 2.0 is a metronome app available on iOS on the App Store. Any musician can use this app, but it is designed for advanced musicians. Mangini worked with Frozen Ape on the update for Tempo Advance. He is a long time user of the app, which he has featured in his YouTube drumming tutorials. As a result of Mangini’s involvement of the app, new improvements include polyrhythms and a higher maximum of 20 subdivisions.

“Tempo Advance is and has always been the very backbone of my gig warm ups and practice sessions because it keeps my mind occupied and focused much more than using a stand-alone, single click,” said Mangini.

Frozen Ape has incorporated support for iPads and four inch Retina Displays. The app features a cleaner, more streamlined design. A customizable interface allows users to change colors with two styles – flat and skeuomorphic.

Tempo Advance 2.0 will be free to current Tempo Advance users. For the first two weeks after the app is released, new users can purchase it on Apple’s App Store at 50 percent off its regular price of $3.99. (Download App (iTunes affiliate))

I did send a request asking for information or details regarding other operating systems like Android, but I’m still waiting for a response. Frozen Ape was kind enough to send use a few download codes, so we will be testing the app ourselves and publishing a review after we’ve had ample time to test it out for ourselves.

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