Most Romantic Albums of All Time?

GTGOMVDayLogo2014Giving the gift of music to a significant other is a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday devoted to love.  Apparently, Valentine’s Day is one of the top holidays of the year for music gift-giving, according to the Music Business Association (formally NARM and

Last month the organization released a list of the “Most Romantic Albums of All Time” and a list of the top 50 “Love Hurts” songs.  You know, so if you don’t have a honey boo to give one of these albums of love, then you can drown yourself with song about how love sucks.

I always question these lists because ordinarily artificial and subjective. So I reached out to the organization to understand how the list was created.  In a reply, a spokesperson said they polled all of the organization’s “retail-related (digital & physical) members for their favorite[s].”

Of all the albums ever released in human history, Adele’s 21 is the most romantic? Really? Isn’t that album more about heartbreak than love? Now, I consider myself a romantic and I don’t think I would ever play 21 over a romantic dinner, would you?  Not sure about Roxy Music either.  The others, I would buy.

At any rate, here’s a list of the top ten. From this list, Miles Davis and Marvin Gaye win my votes. What albums would you add to this list?

  1. 21 by Adele iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  2. Avalon by Roxy Music iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  3. Come Away with Me by Norah Jones iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  4. I’m Still in Love with You by Al Green iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  5. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  6. Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15 
  7. Love Deluxe by Sade iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  8. Love Songs by Carpenters iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  9. Lovers Rock by Sade iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15
  10. To Be Loved by Michael Bublé iTunes_Badge_Small_44x15


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