Transatlantic’s New Video Spawns Haters on YouTube

Progressive supergroup Transatlantic (Neal Morse, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas, and Mike Portnoy) premiered their very first video on YouTube at the beginning of December. The video, entitled “Shine”, has spawned quite a few haters. So what’s all the fuss about?

Some folks, such as Iohan Kaus,  dislike any non-epic Transatlantic song.

I think the Transatlantic’s musics with less than 20 minutos are kind of… boring =S

Others, like Daniel Mesa are disappointed with Neal Morse’s overt spirituality.

There are some highlights, like Roine’s solo. But the main vocal line is too “Neal”, I’m afraid that he’s been too much in church lately, And mind you: I don’t dislike Christian artists at all, I fully respect their faith. But this one comes straight from church, and it really disappoints me. It also lacks soul, the same soul that “Bridge Across Forever” had, even in a similar vein….

Then there are the people like Frank lohmann who don’t like ballads.

I was expecting so much more. All that talent, and all they came up with was this slow and boring melody, which by the way, is effing cheesy….

But not all of the comments were negative. Lots of people loved Roine Stolt’s guitar solo, even if they hated the rest of the song. And users such as tidealagain1 enjoyed the uplifting spirit in which the music was written.

I think this song is as great as “we all need some light”, I also think the guys are not losing the point here, mainly because every Transatlantic song have being made to elevate somehow the listeners…I think Progressive music as a whole have been made to take u to another state of mind, it doesn’t matter what religion u are.

As for me, I think the song is just as lovely as any ballad off of the band’s previous albums. It is somewhat preachy; it was written by the unabashedly born-again Christian Neal Morse, after all. But more than anything, it’s a warm, uplifting song with gorgeous harmonies. And the afore-mentioned solo by Roine Stolt expresses deep passion without any self-indulgent showmanship.

You can check out the video below. Let me know what you think about it!

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