Chicago Web Series Shines Comedic Spotlight on Funding for the Arts

Lately, it seems like nonprofit arts organizations have been dropping like dominoes. The New York City Opera is shutting down after 70 years, the Minnesota Orchestra has been trapped in the Gordian knot of a labor dispute for over a year, and studio/performance space Dance New Amsterdam closed its doors this past Sunday night. Funding for the arts is generally not a laughing matter. But soon, Chicago’s gutsy MartinJon Productions will shine a comedic spotlight on the topic with its new web series, Our Cultural Center. The show features a fictitious nonprofit arts center whose founder has lost the organization’s primary source of income. In order to keep the center afloat, the founder must partner with her ex-husband, a money-hungry lawyer.

Filmed at the Hyde Park Art Center on Chicago’s south side, the show is committed to featuring local artists in 30% of its episodes. The creators hope to not only engage the city’s arts community but also to expose a broader audience to the brilliant creative minds in Chicago.

Our Cultural Center will premiere  October 21 on YouTube. New episodes will be released every other day for three weeks before settling into a weekly schedule with new episodes every Friday. A sneak peek of the series is available below.

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