Butcher Knives Merges Rockabilly, Punk and Gypsy in Tell Me Why

One of the more eclectic songs to hit my inbox is from Brooklyn-based Butcher Knives.  With what is clearly a hillbilly-inspired track, with a punk meets Persian sound, the group appropriately dubbed their sound as “gypsybilly”.  “Tell Me Why” is the track the group released from their forthcoming album Misery.

Butcher Knives lists its influences ranging from Mano Negra, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Gogol Bordello and Bob Marley to bluegrass, flamenco, traditional Eastern European music and rockabilly.

Interlacing a diverse array of musical and cultural backgrounds, rock instrumentation, and traditional folk instruments, Butcher Knives is Nacho Segura (Colombia/vocals/percussion), Nikko Matiz (Colombia/vocals/guitar), Melissa Elledge (New Orleans/accordion), Tal Galfsky (Israel/keyboards/sampler), Ethan Cohen (New York City/banjo/guitar/vocals), Yoni Benshlomo (Israel/bass/vocals), and Mohamed Amine Smires (Morocco/drums/vocals) represent a bridging of cultural gaps through music.

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