Sting Releases Lyric Video for “Practical Arrangement” from New Album “The Last Ship”

Sting is tantalizing the world’s ears with a newly-released lyric video of the single “Practical Arrangement” off of his upcoming album, The Last Ship. Scheduled for release on September 24, the new album will be the first since 2003’s Sacred Love to feature completely new material.

In a video about The Last Ship, Sting explained that he has captured the characters of people in a community next to a shipyard, much like his hometown of Wallsend in northeast England. “Practical Arrangement” is a laid-back, jazz serenade in which a man proposes a “practical marriage” to a single mother. Against a sparse backing of piano, bass, guitar, and muted trumpet, Sting sings:

I’m not suggesting that we’d find some earthly paradise forever. I mean how often does that happen now? The answer’s probably never. But we could come to an arrangement, a practical arrangement. And you could learn to love me, given time.

You can check out the lyric video below. A free download of the song is available at

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