New Rocksmith Game Introduced with Lamest Video Ever

As a longtime Rocksmith fan, I was somewhat excited to hear that a new version of Rocksmith was coming in 2014. Two things come to mind though. First, why would you release a video announcing how “awesome” the game will be without showing any of the new features or new interface?  Really Rocksmith?  So unawesome.

Second, Rocksmith also announced the game will include 50 new songs. Well, that’s nice. But I still don’t know what songs or bands will be featured.  Black Sabbath? Metallica? Guns ‘N Roses? Dream Theater?  If only a little nugget of music was included, then maybe I might not feel this aggravated.

Rule #1 in marketing.  If you’re going to announce a new version of a game, it better be something better than this… watch for yourself.

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