Want to Play Mad Men & Game of Thrones Theme Songs? Here’s How…

Feeling a burning desire to learn how to play the Mad Men and Game of Thrones theme songs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve only found one video on how to play the Mad Men tune, but there are several Game of Thrones instructional videos for guitar, saxophone, violin, and piano. Check them out below, and enjoy. And if you have fun with these videos, you might also enjoy our post on 11 Game of Thrones theme covers.

Mad Men theme song for piano

Colin Fraser performs Mad Men‘s theme song (“A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2) on an electric keyboard. He also includes links to a PDF and a .MUS of his arrangements.

Game of Thrones rhythm guitar tabs

FamousTabs posted what seems to be a very simple tabs version of the song. Some of the commenters included a few corrections.

Game of Thrones for guitar & tabs

Ernesto Schnack created a three-part tutorial on how to play his arrangement of the theme. The first part explains how to change the instrument to C minor tuning, while the second and third videos explain how to play the arrangement. Tabs can be found here.

Game of Thrones on the violin

Michael Sanchez of violintutorpro.com starts out by showing how to play a scale in the key of the piece, E-flat major. He then proceeds to play slowly through the piece, indicating no names and finger positions.

Game of Thrones for alto saxophone

Neal of SaxStation.com breaks the song down a few notes at a time while providing video finger charts and note names.

Game of Thrones piano tutorial

HuwReesMusic’s tutorial on his Game of Thrones cover is the niftiest one I’ve come across. The video is filmed from above, giving an excellent view of his hands as he plays the piano. He performs the tune slowly enough for a student to follow. He also breaks the song into chunks, and the video allows the user to replay the chunk as many times as necessary. There is also a chord chart up on the left-hand side.

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