11 ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Covers Including a Ukulele, Mariachis, and a Dog

Think you’ve seen every possible kind of Game of Thrones theme cover? Well, think again. Here are 11 videos of covers featuring all sorts of musicians performing the song including a full orchestra, a ukulele, a mariachi band, and even a dog (and if these aren’t enough for you, then check out my post from 2011 featuring even more covers). The original Game of Thrones theme song was composed by Ramin Djawadi.

1. Baby harp/guitar/ukulele cover

Mathieu Saikaly uses the most unusual instrumental combination I’ve come across – layering multiple real-time takes of himself to produce a lovely, mellow cover.

2. Two violins and one weird bow

The Bad Bows violin duo includes one guy playing his violin with completely normal technique. The other guy has turned loosened his bow hair, slid his bow over the instrument, and is playing with the stick under the fiddle. Just watch the video.

3. Vocal/cello cover

Nick McKaig layered 30 tracks of himself singing and playing the cello to produce a truly unique texture.

4. Vocal/violin cover

Singer Peter Holland and rock violinist Lindsey Stirling perform a powerful version of the song made up of 140 violin and voice tracks. Ther’yre also wearing some cool costumes (Stirling is stressed as Daenerys; not sure who Holland is supposed to be) in front of epic scenery.

5. Orchestral cover

College junior Albert Chang filmed a majestic string orchestral cover. All of the performers are playing completely by memory.

6. Vocal/harp/Ulienne pipe/low whistle

Karliene Reynolds sings a tender cover with accompaniment by Lyn Umstead on the harp and Caleb Cox on the Ullienne pipe/low whistle.

7. Three cellos and a drum

The cello group Break of Reality (Martin Torch-Ishii, Patrick Laird, Laura Metcalf cello; Ivan Trevino percussion) is a rock band originally formed at the Eastman School of Music in 2003. This is one of my favorites because there’s just nothing better than hearing three cellists rock out. Plus, after the main theme, they delve into some nifty improv.

8. Heavy metal violin/guitar/drums

Speaking of rocking out, Venezuelan rocker Santiago Rodriguez Almenara’s band adds a slow-grooving, doom metal vibe to the cover. Get ready to put up your metal horns.

9. Floppy drives

Yes, you read that right. A mechanical engineering major at Cornell University has created a performance with eight backlit wall-mounted floppy drives. Apparently the stepper motors in the floppy drives can be pulsed to step at various frequencies. The pulse frequency vibrates the floppy drive assembly, which in turn produces noise. Or at least that’s what he says.

10. A dog

The Pet Collective has autotuned an adorable dog barking the song’s melody. Nuff said.

11. Every instrument known to mankind

I’m exaggerating here, but HBO posted a mashup of different artists performing their versions of the theme. Some of the groups include a vocal ensemble, a mariachi band, and a guy playing percussion instruments which I can’t identify.

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