Virtuoso: Finally a Game for Classical Musicians to Geek Out?

Well, maybe.  The game isn’t available just yet, but Caleb Heisey, the designer behind the game, conceived the idea for a graduate design project.

Virtuoso is a music theory board game. Players compete against each other by successfully answering trivia questions about music history, composition, listening comprehension, and theory. Not for the faint of heart, Virtuoso is a competitive, yet educational game geared for high school and college musicians to expand their knowledge and show off their mad skills.

And by mad skills, players must have a grasp of music theory. The dice uses time signatures and music notes. I’m already having nightmares of drop-the-needle questions; maybe it’s a result of all those all-nighters prepping for music history exams in college.

The game board is designed after the orchestra pit and the concept is a kind of Trivial Pursuit, but with a classical music twist.  It’s certainly an interesting concept.  I’d love to see this made available in some way, this way I can invite my musician friends over to geek out over Bach, Beethoven, etc.

What do you think?

Source: Fast CoDesign; Image Credit: Caleb Heisey

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