Riccardo Muti ‘Sad and Frustrated’ to Withdraw from Chicago Symphony’s Asian Tour

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association announced on January 17 that conductor Riccardo Muti has withdrawn from part of the CSO’s upcoming Asian tour. Muti returned to Italy last week after battling the flu. Doctors diagnosed the maestro with an inguinal hernia, a condition which occurs when soft tissue protrudes through a weak point in the lower abdominal wall. The situation requires surgical treatment as soon as possible; doctors determined that delaying the surgery until after the tour to Asia could lead to complications

“I feel very sad, frustrated, and upset to leave my wonderful musicians and audiences in Chicago and on this very important tour that I was expecting with great anticipation,” Muti said in a written statement from Italy. “I look forward to returning to Chicago in April when we can once again make beautiful music together.”

American conductor Loren Maazel will step in for Muti for the concerts in Hong Kong, China, and Korea.  The last-minute substitution required Maazel to work with the Metropolitan Opera in order to rearrange the rehearsal schedule of the Don Carlo series, which the maestro will be conducting in February and March.

Maazel shared on his Facebook page that, “In replacing Riccardo Muti Official as conductor of the upcoming Chicago Symphony Orchestra tour in China and Korea, I rejoice in being able to come to the assistance of a respected colleague and the awesome Chicagoans…. I’m proud to be in a modest way, associated with the burgeoning interest in China, Korea, and Japan in Classical Music on this, the first of five Asian tours in 2013. Thank you Beethoven and friends!”

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