Secret Agents Use Cello Pegs As Weapons in ‘Mission Impossible ‘Music Video

Rock violinist Lindsey Stirling and classical/rock duo The Piano Guys (Steven Sharp Nelson, cello and Jon Schmidt, piano) have teamed up for an adventurous video mashup of the “Mission: Impossible” movie theme and Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C. Stirling and Nelson star as secret agents on mission to steal top-secret sheet music from a sinister eyepatch-clad pianist, played by Schmidt.

Stirling and Nelson rock the “Mission Impossible” theme on their respective black and white electric violin and cello while sneaking through a warehouse and using stringed instrument parts at spy gadgets. Stirling blows rosin dust off of her bow to expose hidden laser beams, then simultaneously plays her violin while contorting her body to crawl underneath (Catherine Zeta Jones In Entrapment, anyone?). Later, Nelson tosses cello pegs on the floor to trip up a security guard. The duo finally comes across Schmidt tearing through an impressive performance of Mozart’s Piano Sonata. Nelson lowers Stirling over the balcony on a rope (while she’s still playing the violin!). She drops the violin bridge on the floor behind Schmidt, and as he turns around to see what’s going on, she snatches the top-secret sheet music from the piano. Do the secret agents get away? You’ll just have to check out the video below to find out. And if you like the music, click Mission Impossible (feat. Lindsey Stirling) – Single to find the single on iTunes.

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