Saturday Night Live Gives New Meaning to Silent Night

On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live opened the show with a simple, but moving tribute to open the show.   Typically, SNL opens the show with a comedic skit, but chose to open the show with a heartfelt performance by the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night” honoring the victims in Newtown, Connecticut.

Life is a series of tragedies.  Most tragedies that involve life are caused by accidents or sickness.  But gun violence always contains a morbid purpose.  Since Friday, like many in the world, I’ve been confused, angry and sad. I don’t personally know anyone that was touched by the tragedy that took place in Connecticut, but the emotions it stirred are those that swell up each time I hear about these kinds of shootings.

But this act purposefully targeted children…

It’s hard to swallow. Hard to accept.  Hard to explain and even ask why?  Answers are few and questions are many.  Something has to change, but I’m not sure what.

And Friday is just one act in an ongoing series of violence? A shooting in Oregon that happened last weekend.  Another shooting that happened in an Alabama hospital.  And it’s not just guns, a bomb threat foiled in Oklahoma targeting another school.

And this excludes the everyday shootings that take place throughout the country, but don’t receive the kind of attention this type of mass shooting received.  Just on Friday night alone, 10 people were shot in Chicago alone.

And so many more shooting that happened throughout 2013.  I’ve seen this image circulating on Facebook.  It’s a sobering reminder.

Our constitution says one thing, but for many, hearts and minds say something different.   When do we ask when? When do we say “enough is enough”?

The teachers that sacrificed their lives to protect the innocent are heroes. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.

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