Amanda Brown Booted off ‘The Voice ‘: What Were Voters Thinking?

I’ve liked Amanda Brown ever since her battle round performance against Trevin Hunte. It’s not every day that you find a woman with the guts and the chops to cover classic rock songs usually sung by male vocalists. Her falsetto at the end of “Dream On” can stand right up against Steven Tyler any day of the week. And she’s not only an incredible rock singer, but she also has the versatility to cover everything from R&B singer Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel like) A Natural Woman” to soul/pop singer Adele’s “Someone like You”.

So why on earth did Amanda get voted off The Voice? I don’t have a good explanation, but I’m not the only one who is baffled by America’s choice. According to Jessica Hopper’s article on Rolling Stone, “The poised Brown, who had never so much as sang a pitchy note on the show, seemed a shoe-in for the final four until Monday… Brown’s elimination seemed to catch many viewers by surprise, as shocked reactions had her still trending on Twitter a full 15 minutes after the fact.”

Rachel McGrady of wrote a post entitled “5 Reasons Why Amanda Brown Should Have Won the Voice Season 3“. According to McGrady, “She has a sound we’ve never heard before… Her creativity and marketability made her a clear front-runner this season, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.”

The only bright side to Amanda being voted off The Voice is that now she’ll have the freedom to pursue her career without being labeled as a reality show contest winner. Hopefully, she’ll follow in the footsteps of American Idol cast-offs such as Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert, who have become much more success than contestants who have won the show (does anybody actually remember Taylor Hicks or Ruben Studdard?).

For now, Amanda Brown fans still have a couple of different ways to enjoy listening to their favorite singer. Amanda recently released the single “Dreamer”on iTunes (click link to purchase on Dreamer - Single - Amanda Brown). Amanda is also holding a bimonthly YouTube cover contest. Here are the rules from her website:

1. Once every two months, on the first Sunday of the month, cover song requests can be submitted to (one song per person). The window for submissions will close at 11:59 PM EST Sunday evening.

2. On the following day, Monday, Amanda will randomly choose five of those songs, and then everyone can vote for their favorite picks from the final five. One vote per person, and the vote can be sent via e-mail to, with the song title in the subject box of the e-mail. The voting window will close on Tuesday evening at 11:59 PM.

3. The song with the most votes will be the song that she performs. A video of the performance will go up on YouTube on the last Sunday of that month.

Below, I’m including my two favorite videos of Amanda’s performances on The Voice – Aerosmith’s “Dream On” (click link to purchase on Dream On (The Voice Performance) - Single - Amanda Brown) and Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” (click link to purchase on Here I Go Again (The Voice Performance) - Single - Amanda Brown).

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