One year with Rocksmith, game gets serious by releasing Pantera, Rush, Avenged Sevenfold and more

In the past year, let’s just say I’ve put in some serious hours playing Rocksmith.  Shortly after buying and playing the game, I wrote a review describing the pros and cons of the game (read it here).  More than a year with this game, while not perfect, is downright fun.  I still don’t think you can learn guitar from it, but I’m admittedly a little biased.

Setting aside my soapbox, this game is downright addictive, at least for the gamer AND musician in me.  I’ve devoted more time on this game in my lifetime than any other game. And I’ve wasted plenty of hours playing a variety games in my life (Super Mario Bros. anyone?).

It’s not a perfect game, don’t get me wrong. I’ve encountered some bugs along the way, but in almost every instance, the makers released software updates to fix them and improve the overall user experience.  I appreciate how much Rocksmith listens to its fans, which counts; a great deal in my book. (Although, I do think one update caused my saved file to become corrupt, forcing me to start the game over.)

About every two weeks, Rocksmith releases new tunes to download.  I’ve certainly downloaded several packs and songs, including ones from Queen, Judas Priest, 3 Doors Down and several others. But I couldn’t have been more surprised than when Rush downloads were released in November and Pantera songs were released earlier this week.  (See full list of downloads here.)

And if playing guitar isn’t enough for you with all these song packs, Rocksmith released an upgrade to play bass earlier this year.

Rocksmith Guitar Bundle for Guitar and Bass on PS3Xbox 360Windows

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