PBS Brilliantly Explains the Value of Music (and Magic)

OK…I fibbed a tad.  PBS really focused on the significance of the MP3.  But let’s face it, MP3 files are mostly music.  There is no doubt society loves music and appreciates culture.  We consume it daily. And thanks to all sorts of technology, the ability to find, consume and share it with friends is easy.  With one click of a button, we have the capacity to share it with millions.  We all want this cool stuff, but without a financial transaction.  But at what cost?

Should there be a financial burden for having all this cool music (and other stuff) to download or share? What is the cost when everyone believes culture should be free? Oh, and I forgot to mention there is a magical connection… sort of.

And in case you need an extra laugh, visit The Oatmeal for an entertaining comic about the state of the music industry.  It’s quite hilarious.

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