Chicago Bolero: Choreographed by Chicagoans, Danced by Chicagoans #CDF12

How would you like to be on the same stage and on the same nights as world-class dancers?  Seriously, you can perform on the same stage and on the same night as the Hubbard Street Dance and The Joffrey Ballet.  Best part of all, no dance experience is necessary.  Adults and kids, men and women, dogs and cats, etc. can all partake in what will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

As part of the 2012 Chicago Dancing Festival, Keigwin + Company will create a homegrown dance inspired by Chicagoans. And the same group that serves as the inspiration behind the choreography will also serve as the dancers.  The dance will be set to Marice Ravel’s Bolero.

Over the weekend, Ashley Browne, dancer from Keigwin + Company, met with possible participants and talked through what to expect with members of the community at various location on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Like any kind of a production, dancers will need to commit to three weeks of rehearsals and performances: Monday through Friday evenings, August 6-11 and 13-18 (5-9 P.M.), and attend dress rehearsals August 19 and 24.

During the meeting, Ms. Browne offered a taste of what participants could experience during the meeting at the Mexican Fine Arts Museum on Saturday morning. Nervous participants quickly loosened up as Ms. Browne asked them to share their name with a dance movement to demonstrate how choreography could be constructed.

The sky is the limit.  The choreography could be a north side versus south side experience (I foresee a Cubs vs. White Sox production) or whatever else members contribute and decide on.

Join Chicago Bolero

If you’re from the Chicago area and you’re interested in participating in Bolero Chicago, contact Chicago Dancing Festival by emailing  The Festival will either give you all the information you need or if you have other concerns put you in contact with Ms. Browne from Keigwin and Company.

If you work until five, as many people do, don’t fret.  Ms. Browne made it clear the company will work with your schedule.  So if you wish you participate, just inform organizers of your conflicts.  The Festival and Company want to get everyone involved who wants to.  This includes kids and teens too (young kids are allowed, but this isn’t a babysitting substitute, so parents need to be present and participating).

You have until August 5th to sign up.

Other Boleros And Keigwin Projects

It’s not the first time Keigwin and Company have done this project.  Other Bolero projects include Bolero Santa Barbara (California), Bolero Akron (Ohio), Bolero Denver (Colorado), and Bolero NYC (New York).    I found some video from Akron and Santa Barbara productions.  You can see how each city made the Bolero all its own.

I’ve also added an example of a Keigwin and Company production below.


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