MOG Sells Out to Beats (aka HTC)

Today, MOG announced the service was sold to Beats™ Electronics LLC, the company co-founded by legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre with Interscope, Geffen, A&M chairman, Jimmy Iovine.

As a member of the MOG Music Network, I can’t help but digest this news with some skepticism.  First, I’m an iPhone owner now and Beats is owned by HTC, which manufactures lots of Android devices.   The network will continue to operate separately, if I understood things correctly, and only the service is changing hands.

According to a letters written by MOG CEO David Hyman, who will retain his position, MOG will continue to operate the same way.

MOG will continue to operate as an independent company with no immediate changes to our music service; there will be no impact on you. You’ll continue to have the same access to a vast catalog of unlimited, on-demand, high-quality music from virtually anywhere. Our talented music service team will remain intact, and I’ll maintain my role as CEO of MOG. If you have more questions about your MOG subscription specifically, here are more details in our FAQ.

That’s today, but what about several years from now?  Time will certainly tell, but anything related to the music and tech industry I have a ton of skepticism because of how quickly the market changes. I also don’t have a lot of faith in HTC screwing around with the service.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the service; more specifically the Android app, which I thankfully don’t have to deal with any longer.  Since moving to iOS, the MOG app has worked like a charm.

I’ve always used and loved the MOG service since it first came out; I just hope that corporate schmucks don’t change it.

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