3 Great Covers of the Mad Men Theme Song

I spent most of yesterday laid up on my couch with a neck spasm, so  I passed the time by browsing YouTube.  In my muscle relaxant-fueled delirium I came across three cover versions of the Mad Men theme song, “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2. You can check out my finds below.

Mad Men-All Bass Cover by Adam Ben E

Bassist Adam Ben Ezra plays the tune on electric and upright bass.

The Theme from Mad Men-A Cappella

Vocalist Mike Boxer produced, arranged, and performed an all vocal version of the song.

Mad Men Theme Song… With a Twist

This video, produced by VideosRecordedLive mashes up “A Beautiful Mine” with Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”. I have to say that vocalist Alison Williams has an absolutely lovely voice.

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