Nightclub Comes to the Concert Hall at New World Symphony’s Pulse Concert

The New World Symphony of Miami, Florida is the latest classical group working to attract a younger audience by putting a new spin on the concert hall experience. Arian Campo-Flores of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote a report on Pulse, the New World Symphony’s late-night event which brought a nightclub atmosphere into the concert hall in a performance featuring electronica and traditional classical music.

The lobby of the venue was decked out with LED lights, while a sound system blared dance music. The hall itself featured light displays projected on large screens. Audience members were permitted to enjoy drinks, go in and out of the hall at their leisure, and even watch the orchestra up close. The music alternated between a DJ spinning dance music and traditional classical works by Mozart, Andrea Gabrieli, and Stravinsky.

The Pulse shows do seem to attract a younger demographic. The audience at a recent performance included many people in their 20s and 30s. Pulse programs have had four sold-out performances over the past two seasons. 40% of ticket buyers are new patrons, and the concertgoers’ average age is 38.

To check out a slideshow from Pulse, please click here. A video from the Wall Street Journal story is below.

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