The Voice’s Semifinals Shines With Diversity

Jamar Rogers performs "If You Don't Know Me by Now" on semifinals of The Voice (Season 2)

Inspiring, surprising and awesome can easily sum up Monday’s semifinals of The Voice, but that would over simplify the evening.  What I continue to love about this show is the sheer diversity of performers.  At this stage of the competition, it might be easy to have vocalists with sheer power remaining.  However, this show has ended up, more so this year than last, with an incredible range of contestants.  Kudos to the coaches.

Between the inspirational Jamar Rogers to the operatically-trained Chris Mann, the range and types of voices left in the competition reflects how a voice is so much more than belting out high notes.  A beautiful voice is about emotion, range, control and, most importantly, musicality.

In truth, I have no idea who will end up as the final four next, but some coaches will have to say farewell to some distinctive performers. It strictly isn’t about choosing power, but style. How do you choose between a Chris Mann and a Linsey Pavio? Or, the smooth Tony Lucca and the Adele-esque Katrina Parker? Taste will undoubtedly play a role in deciding “who has a better voice,” but some very good singers will be forced to say good-bye.

The coach with the toughest loss I think will come from Team Cee Lo.  As much as Jamar has been a fan favorite, so has Juliette Simms, who has left the audience in awe with her electric interpretations of classic songs.

Although four will unfortunately not move on, the real winner continues to be the show itself.  After all, two seasons in a row, the show has raised the visibility of stylistically unique singers – something popular music has desperately needed for some time.

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