Metalcamp: This Summer Camp for Kids Might Get A Little Noisy

With summer quickly approaching, it also means parents need to think about how to keep youngsters busy.  It’s the time of year when parents make tough decisions to send kids off to summer camp to enjoy a little R&R.  Typical summer camps usually include swimming, arts and crafts, hiking and roasting marshmallows while huddled up at campfire to create lifelong friends and treasured memories.

For aspiring young metalheads, there is an alternative for teens who wish to explore aggressive vocals, speedy guitar riffs and solos, and mastering blast beats.  Enter School of Rock’s Mayhem In The Mountains: Metalcamp.

Metalcamp will take place on the grounds of Camp Lakota in the Catskill Mountains of New York state from August 19 through August 25. It’s an exciting new concept in overnight camps that’s aimed at young musicians, ages 12 to 18, who are fans of rock n’ roll, and in particular, of heavy metal.

“Every day, our campers will receive expert music instruction on bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, and – of course – guitar, that will crank up their skills and take their playing to outrageous new levels,” explains Mark Biondi, vice-president of marketing for School of Rock, the nationwide chain of performance-based music schools. “Metalcamp campers will not only get a chance to meet other excellent young musicians from around the country, they’ll also go home with new tricks, ideas, and inspiration that they’ll be able to enjoy year ‘round.”

Metalcamp’s “guest professor” will be Metal Mike, a graduate of the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Mike has recorded and toured the world with former Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford as well as metal superstar Sebastian Bach, and was also a cast member of Fuse TV’s weekly series “Talking Metal On Fuse”.

And even avid metalheads need a break from jamming, so Metalcamp will also include various outdoor activities like motorized go-karting, waterskiing and jetskiing, soccer, beach volleyball, a zipline, baseball, football, hockey, and a skateboard course.

“Metalcamp offers the perfect summer experience for young musicians who live, eat, and breathe heavy metal,” explains Metal Mike, who’ll be performing along with the campers at the end-of-week concert. “The camp will allow them to share their passion for the music they love with like-minded kids and also give them a chance to bond with new friends as they jam together, perform together, and take advantage of all of the fantastic activities that are available.”

As for those crackling beach bonfires, they’ll actually have them at Metalcamp. “But it’s safe to say that our sing-a-longs will involve song choices that are a bit more intense than ‘Kumbayah’,” says Biondi.

As long as campers are singing “Breaking the Law” versus causing illegal mayhem, parents will have peace of mind.

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