Passover Jewish Rock Opera & Other Videos to Pep up Your Holiday

Passover begins on Friday night, so I thought I’d share four great holiday videos I found on YouTube. My favorite by far is AishVideo’s “Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera”. This takeoff on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” features a cast of puppets performing the Exodus story. Need I say more?

The next video is The Fountainheads’ original tune, “Breaking Free – Fountainheads Passover”. The sunny video includes an unexpectedly touching moment at a Passover Seder.

The third video is National Jewish Outreach Program’s “Best Seder in the USA (Passover Song)”. The video is a takeoff on Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”. I love the clever lyrics in this song:

Throwin’ a Seder for the first time
Look to the right and I see the Manischewitz sign
I’m hostin’ my first Seder
So please don’t be a hater

My tummy’s turnin’ hope my Seder is amazing
So much pressure that I’m shvitzing
That’s when the Matzah man turned on the radio
And the Dayenu song was on

I’ll close things out with The Shlomones, the self-proclaimed world’s greatest Jewish rock band. If you’ve ever wanted to rock out to a Ramones-style tune at Passover, “I’m Going to a Seder” is the song for you. Happy Passover, everyone!

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