Red Chili Peppers and Chaka Khan Give Tribute to Trayvon Martin

As the conversation becomes more visceral, hateful, disdainful, and downright disrespectful to a murdered teen with certain individuals in the press attempting to circumvent the core issue, I can’t help but think how Florida has trashed the Constitution.  The NRA and the GOP are major proponents for individuals having the right to carry a gun and for people to protect themselves against criminal activity.

Whatever happened to supporting the right to life?

Pro-life activists are quick to protect the rights of a fetus, what about protecting the rights of the living? And a living teen for that matter?

Trayvon Martin had the right to live without being gunned down by an overzealous racist, neighborhood watchman.  We don’t live in a Minority Report world where we hunt people before something wrong happens. We have the right to live our lives however we choose within the confines of the law. When walking down the street becomes a “crime” and the local police department doesn’t even ask the right questions, there is a serious, serious problem.

When the justice system doesn’t protect the living and protects criminals, we need to take a long, hard look at the law. The 4th amendment protects our right to own weapons, the right to shoot them whenever we think its necessary without provocation.

Last week, in a symbolic gesture, the Red Hot Chili Peppers kicked off their tour at the Tampa Bay Times Forum by paying tribute to Trayvon Martin with all the band members wearing a hoodie that read, “Ode To Trayvon, Stand What Ground.” It’s a sentiment that is spreading like a wildfire throughout the nation as result of a corrupt Florida law that seems to protect murder guised as self defense.

Chaka Khan has also released a tribute by bring together celebrities in a new recording of her song, “Super Life”.  In a public statement on her website, Khan says:

“Celebrities are privileged beyond belief to have a public following. We have explored and exploited media to our own benefits. Now it’s time to exploit media for the benefit of humanity as a whole. As purveyors of content and media, we need to use our voices to stop injustice at the site of its origin.”

The bottom line: a teen was murdered, the killer is free, and the police department has failed the American public leaving behind a trail of injustice.  All because he wore a hoodie…

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One comment on “Red Chili Peppers and Chaka Khan Give Tribute to Trayvon Martin
  1. A lot of the recent information has not lent itself to a corroboration of the Zimmerman story. However given that this information has been filtered through a media that has routinely skewered the facts (digitally manipulated photo’s, a video that looked edited, a failure to report Trayvon’s posing as a thug online, outing a 13 year old they believed to be a witness for Zimmerman, calling Zimmerman a “white” and so on) I don’t feel comfortable abandoning belief that he might be a victim in all this. But yeah . . . on the surface it is not looking very good for him.

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