Shalshelet Invites Composers to Write New Music for Traditional Jewish Blessings in 2013 Fifth International Music Festival

Shalshelet, the Foundation for New Jewish Music, will hold the 2013 Fifth International Festival at the Beth Torah Benny Rok campus in North Miami Beach, February 16-17. As part of the Festival, composers are invited to create new melodies for centuries-old traditional Jewish blessings.

Composer honorees will have the opportunity to perform their music and participate in workshops with other musicians from diverse backgrounds. The workshops will allow participants to explore the process of choosing a text and composing a new melody, comparing multiple ways of setting the same passage to music, and hearing melodies for less commonly sung texts. Some of the submissions will be included in song books and CDs to be distributed to congregations around the world.

Prior festivals have attracted attracted composers ranging in age from 17 to 87. Below, you’ll find videos of works by two of last year’s honorees. For more information on the Shalshelet Festival and foundation, visit

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