Bruce Springsteen Gives Important Speech to Aspiring Musicians at SXSW [VIDEO]

After ten days of bringing geeks, film junkies, and musicians together, SXSW 2012 wrapped up this weekend.  While I did have the privilege of attending the interactive portion for a few days, I unfortunately couldn’t stick around for the music portion of the festival.  Regardless, yesterday I decided to listen to Bruce Springsteen‘s keynote address from Thursday.  It was a moving and candid speech showcasing Springsteen’s deep love affair with music and how to remain humble after success.

Between the jokes and singalongs, the takeaway was simple to young artists: be yourself, be different.

To be different, Springsteen showcased how much he appreciates all varieties of music.  His ability to open his mind and heart paved the way for Springsteen to develop his own musical voice.  For Springsteen, it was never about writing the hit, but writing music that meant something.

Oh, and “The Boss” really knows his rock/metal sub-genres…   And I want to know what Nintendo-core is too.  Watch and learn.

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