Why The Voice Flushes American Idol and The X-factor Down the Toilet

If you haven’t watched The Voice, you’re missing out.  After tonight’s episode, teams are set and it’s not time to go into head-to-head battles where coaches choose the six finalists for each team that will appear during the live rounds.

Unlike its competitors, American Idol and X Factor, The Voice is taking advantage of what the other two shows are missing.  My biggest problem with X-Factor and American Idol is the spectacle that goes along with these shows, especially during the audition rounds.

Vetting performers before they appear in front of judges makes a difference.  As a result, performers have to endure two rounds of auditions to make it on the show.  American Idol and The X Factor embrace the stage antics, belittling artistry, for the sake of bullshit entertainment. At the end of the show, the winner is a “singer” the show ended up with versus having a performer that really deserves the chance at a career.

The Voice on the other hand is out to find musicians, not just singers. Many of the prospects are vocalists that have been looking for a chance to get noticed.  Many play guitar, piano and/or harmonica.  There are no limits to the types of singers that are accepted, proven by an opera singer making it on Team Christina this season.  In addition, there are no age restrictions. The blind auditions avoid stage antics and make it about the performance. It’s refreshing to watch.

The Voice is simply about finding the best, original singers, which is precisely why it flushes American Idol and X-factor down the toilet.

For the record, Viola and I attended an X Factor audition last spring and there were plenty of clowns.  And I hated every part of it. Maybe one or two singers deserved to move on. It lessened the overall experience and made me question the integrity of the show.  The same is true for American Idol. Vocalists that deserve to win, don’t.  Once again, lost opportunities.

Season 2 is turning out to be more interesting than the first. Coaches have broadened their own horizons by accepting vocalists outside of the genres they’ve built careers in, making for some interesting combinations.

Witnessing how coaches broke shells and watching great performers become stars last season was amazing.  I honestly don’t have any idea who will end up as The Voice winner in season 2, but I’m interested to see how coaches help contestants.

What do you think?

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