Ex-Mutiny Within Singer Chris Clancy Releases Clip from Possible Solo Album

Contrapuntist and I were both really excited by metal band Mutiny Within when Roadrunner records give us the opportunity to review their debut album back in 2010 (you can check out our review here). We loved their thick orchestration, incredible technical chops, and catchy refrains. I particularly enjoyed the powerful vocals of Chris Clancy, who has quickly become one of my favorite vocalists. A few months later, we interviewed bassist and driving force A.J. Jacobs at their gig at the house of blues Chicago. They played an incredible show, and A.J. gave every indication that the band was hungry to make a name for themselves and create a bigger audience. And then things started to fall apart. First the band parted ways with drummer Bill Fore. They hired a replacement, but the next big blow was being dropped by Roadrunner in February 2011. In June, 2011, Clancy decided to leave the band out of frustration over being dropped by the label and not being able to make a living despite four years of working almost daily with the band (check out this post on MetalInjection.net for more on his statement). Finally, in October 2011, the band announced they were going on indefinite hiatus.

It sounds like after spending some time away from singing, Clancy is taking steps to share his awesome voice again in the form of a solo album. In a statement on his Facebook page, he stated:

I’ve written pretty much an entire solo album which is more rock orientated. It’s not “finished”, but it’s all there in some form. Due to financial issues, I’ve spent the last year working more in mixing/producing and pretty much neglected my singing until recently. I decided to change that. A while ago I had some offers from labels to release some of my songs so I’m now pursuing that.

Below, you can check out a clip of one of his songs. And here’s hoping that Clancy can work something out with one of those labels. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing him sing again.

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