Celebrate Christmas With Lights Set to Metal Tunes

For anyone following along the past few days, you might have guessed we celebrate the holidays the multicultural way.  Christmas and Hanukkah are intermingled in our household.  So as Viola continues to post a few fun videos featuring new Hanukkah music, I thought I’d share some fun festive lights videos set to metal/rock tunes.

During the holiday season, some folks have the tendency to go a little bananas with lights.  Search “Christmas lights” and there is no shortage of videos to choose from.  So I thought I’d post a few favorites Viola and I found.

From Viola and I, Happy Holidays!!


Normally, playing Slayer for Christmas is a contradiction, but this person didn’t think so.  I really loved the snowman’s facial expressions while singing the song. Hilarious!



Something a little fun…

Twister Sister

Twister Sister released a metal Christmas album a few years ago and someone choreographed a light show to “Come All Ye Faithful”.


How I Met Your Mother

The Christmas episode from How I Met Your Mother has a sweet ending with a little AC/DC and lights.

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