Sting Shows How Musicians Should Leverage The iPad

Music and technology have always been connected.  All it takes is an artistic vision to unlock the possibilities. iPads and Tablets are the rage these days and with good reason and leave it to Sting to help pave the way for other musicians.

Recently Sting launched a new iPad app, STING 25. The idea for the app emerged as Sting compiled material from his diverse 25 year solo career for the recently released box set collection, Sting: 25 Years. The concept evolved while exploring innovative ways to celebrate both the anniversary of his solo career and his 60th birthday, while simultaneously integrating emerging technology.

“I felt like an archaeologist in a way, going through years and years of material, excavating these pieces of history, to put together the box set. We initially considered some sort of documentary, but the idea developed into something much more compelling and dynamic,” said Sting. “This app encompasses my entire solo career. It’s a scrapbook for the digital age.”

After playing with the app a bit, it’s impressive and worth the download, especially since it’s free.  What I really loved about it was how I learned a little more about what inspired some of his most popular and some my favorite songs.  For example, “Fragile” was inspired by a man killed in by the Contras in Nicaragua.  Plus, the app includes the moving performance of this song on 9/11 in its entirety.  Also, I didn’t know Robert Downey Jr had such a great voice.

The ‘appumentary’ explores Sting’s solo career, guiding users through the influences that have shaped his music, as well as his ongoing efforts as a global citizen and activist. The many facets of his career come to life through handwritten lyrics and journal entries, rare and intimate photos, in-depth interviews, and a variety of live concert footage, including exclusive all-star performances from his Sixtieth Birthday Celebration to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation at New York City’s Beacon Theatre.

You can download the app through iTunes.

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