DWTS Week 6: Musical Highlights from Performances by Chaz Bono and Ricki Lake

Week 6 on Dancing with the Stars featured music from Broadway shows. The best musical (no pun intended) performances last night accompanied dances by Chaz Bono/Lacey Schwimmer and Ricki Lake/Derek Hough.

Chaz attempted to tango to “The Phantom of the Opera” from The Phantom of the Opera. I’m not going to lie – his performance was abysmal. Bruno Tomioli hit the nail on the head when he compared Chaz to a dancing penguin. And not in a good way, like the penguins from Happy Feet. However, since Phantom is my favorite musical of all time, I ignored the dance and focused on the music. The song is infamously difficult for female singers because it ventures into some of the highest vocal registers. I’m not sure which of the female vocalists sang this song last night, but she did a spectacular job with the stratospheric melody. I also loved the male vocalist’s menacing and mysterious portrayal of the Phantom.


Ricki danced the quick step to “Luck Be a Lady” from Guys and Dolls. The male vocalist sang the tune in a smooth style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick Jr. As usual, the stellar Harold Wheeler Band was at its sizzling best with the hot jazz music.

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