Classical Virtuosity Turns Metal in SHREDDING PAGANINI

Classical violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini was renowned for his technical prowess and pyrotechnic compositions. German Schauss, Yngwie Malmsteen and The Great Kat are just a few of the heavy metal guitarists who have proven their chops by adapting Paganini’s music to their instruments. Now, Schauss is releasing a new instructional book entitled Shredding Paganini – Heavy Metal Guitar Meets 9 Masterpieces by Niccolò Paganini (Alfred Music Publishing $16.99). The book is accompanied by a CD which features examples recorded at multiple speeds to help brave guitarists master Paganini’s challenging pieces.

Alfred Music Publishing’s website features an audio sample from the CD. It’s cheesy and fun, with a strong beat which will allow industrious musicians to easily follow along. Complete details about the book and CD are available here, and you can watch a video below.

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