Baroque Violin Music Gets Hip-Hop Makeover by THE DUELING FIDDLERS

Violin duo The Dueling Fiddlers (Adam DeGraff and Russell Fallstad) has released a new hip-hop/classical mashup, “Yo Fo Leah”. This collaboration with DJ Everglow takes the guys out of their traditional acoustic zone into the realm of electric violin, with some synthesized keyboards thrown in for good measure. They’re currently holding a contest in which you can win a free MP3 by correctly identifying the piece on which the mashup is based. I’m not going to give away the answer, but I will say that it’s an extremely well-known Baroque violin work. To enter the contest, go to TDF’s Facebook page and: 1. Submit your answer as a reply to the Facebook post. 2. Repost the video on your wall. 3. Send an e-mail to letting them know that you are ready to get your MP3.

You can view the video below. The MP3 is available for purchase on iTunes.

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