Get Inspired to Practice by Yuri Bashmet

Have you ever heard a performance so inspiring that you immediately wanted to rush home and practice? I heard one such performance this morning . Chicago’s classical music station (WFMT) broadcast a recording of renowned Russian violist Yuri Bashmet and pianist Mikhail Muntian performing Sergei Prokofiev’s “Scene of Farewell and Juliet’s Death” from Romeo and Juliet (arr. Borisovsky) off of the album Reminiscences. The piece showcased Bashmet’s rich tone, opulent vibrato, and expressive musicality. I looked high and low to try and find a way to share this recording on the blog, but unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Instead, I’m posting a video of Bashmet performing another piece from the same album, Grave from Concerto for violin and strings in G by Jan Jiri Benda. Perhaps this piece will inspire you to dust off your instrument as well. And if you want to listen to a clip of the Prokofiev, you can find it on by clicking here. Happy practicing!

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