Awesome GAME OF THRONES Theme Covers on Violin, Piano, Guitar, and Accordion

Is anyone else out there suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal like I am? Here’s a little something that just might make you feel better. While browsing YouTube, I discovered some great unconventional covers of the Game of Thrones theme song (original song and soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi). Here are my six favorite videos:

1. Game of thrones soundtrack on piano by Brennesselano. The performer writes that he got the soundtrack from the opening stuck in his head and tried to play it on piano. The result is quite lovely.

2. Game of Thrones intro (Accordion Cover) by 654devil. This video would have to win the award for most innovative instrumental choice. Believe it or not, it actually sounds nice on accordion.

3. Game of Thrones Title Theme (Acoustic Guitar) by OggirtMoonfrad. The guitarist writes that, “Trying to arrange this to capture the sustain of the string parts and balance all those tracks nearly killed me.” I guess the near-death experience was worth it, because this is a great cover version.

4. Game of Thrones Violin Cover by JasonYangViolin. This talented youngster layered videos of himself performing the melody and accompaniment line on acoustic and electric violin. As a violinist, I’d have to choose this one as my favorite.

5. Game of Thrones – Opening Credit Cover (Heavy Version) by whitenoiselab. A rocking version with guitar and drums by Roger Lima.

6. Game of Thrones BEST VERSION EVER – Jason Yang & Roger Lima/WNL Mashup! Opening Theme Cover by paolody. As the title suggests, it’s a mashup of the previous two videos. The result is excellent.

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