Dommin, Linkin Park and Black Stone Cherry Cover Adele’s Rolling In The Deep

Adele 21 digital album ipodAdele is taking the world by storm. Billboard reported that 21, which was released on Feb. 22, is now the second million-selling digital album in the U.S., the fastest set to do so, and the first by a woman to achieve the feat. The album has sold over 2.6 million albums, spent 10 non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and has yet to see a week where it has ranked lower than No. 3. The only other album to reach this accolade is Emimen’s Recovery, which did so the week before.

Since releasing her hit single “Rolling in the Deep”, a groundswell has been steadily building.  Not only is album selling well, the single is also the biggest crossover song in 25 years reaching the Latin charts, according to Billboard.

“Dating to the launch of Latin Songs the week of Oct. 4, 1986, just five other artists have even appeared on rock, pop/adult, R&B/hip-hop, dance and Latin song charts: Phil Collins, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Suzanne Vega. Unlike Adele, however, all five acts have needed multiple songs to make their five-format crossovers.”

Not only has Adele’s song moved your typical pop fans, she has also moved some rockers too.  Surfing YouTube, I managed to come across an audience-made video of Dommin covering “Rolling in the Deep” at concert a couple of week ago.  This led me to see if other rockers or metalheads had covered the track.  To my surprise, I found that Black Stone Cherry performed the song at Download 2011 and Linkin Park performed an acoustic version.

All three videos can be viewed below.  Enjoy.

Dommin’s version

Black Stone Cherry’s version

Linkin Park Version

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