Mark Your Calendars for National Metal Day

It’s nice to see something official about this because Viola and I stumbled on something mentioning National Metal Day back in May. But after searching online, we thought it was rumor or unofficial at the time.  Now, it turns out National Metal Day is for real.

NoiseCreep reported:

Metal has its own holiday, thanks to VH1 Classic, which has declared November 11th, 2011 AKA 11-11-11, as ‘National Metal Day.’ While NMD, as we’ll call it, will be a celebration of all things metal for an entire day, the channel will launch copious amounts of metal programming beginning November 1st for the ’11 Days of Metal” countdown. The countdown programming for the headbanger’s holiday will feature metal concerts, specials movies and videos, all of which will pave the way for the grand finale on 11-11-11.

As you might imagine, we are pretty pumped about the official announcement that metalheads will FINALLY have a day to revel in the glory of all things metal. Perhaps metalheads should be allowed to wear a T-shirt to work? I’m for it. I have a nice selection to choose from too.

But most importantly, we’ll be able to remember and celebrate how metal has evolved over the years. I won’t ever forget being introduced to MTV, a channel my parents greatly feared. I also won’t forget one the first videos that got me into metal – “Trial by Fire” by Testament.

I was blown away by the sheer power of the song and the amazing playing of the band.  I couldn’t get beyond the unique sound. I managed to find the old video available on AOL. Awesome!

From this point on, my appreciation for metal began…and the rest is history. What was your first moment as a metalhead?

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One comment on “Mark Your Calendars for National Metal Day
  1. At first I was a little miffed that they horned in on Veterans Day here in the U.S., but I let that pass quickly. A friend of mine in college turned me on to Metal. It Was Christian Metal in the Mid 80’s. My fondest moment as a metalhead, Getting Second Row Tickets to Stryper back in ’88. It was as close to the action as you could get. Nobody was in row one. Hey, I still can hear. Row two is awesome. My friend who took me got Row 675. Oh well.

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