Official Partners of the 2011 Chicago Dance Festival

It’s hard to imagine dance without music, unless you prefer mimed movements. Music helps give arm gestures, turns, kicks and jumps greater meaning and definition. The history of dance goes hand and hand with music. Even in the most indigenous and primal forms of dance are combined with rhythm pounding of drums. In many respects, dance serves as an extension to music. What can’t be expressed through lyrics or sound is accomplished through body movement.

It’s one of the reasons Viola and I have decided to partner with the 2011 Chicago Dance Festival.  We are one of a few Chicagoland bloggers partnering with the festival. You can see who else is partnering with the event by visiting the Festival’s blog.

We talk about many sides of music, and thought it would be interesting to explore this area. Any genre of music can be applied to music, even metal.  New York-based Ballet Deviore is proving heavy metal and classical ballet, although an odd combination, offers a unique aesthetic experience.

Of the dance I’ve seen, I’m always amazed at how people can move the ways dancers can.  I have a lot of respect for the people that do this. Living amongst dancers in my college days certainly gave me glimpse at the lifestyle.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Chicago Dancing Festival scheduled from August 22 to 27 featuring a variety of dance from Chicago and around the country for free.  Visit for more details and ticket information.

Photo Credit: Kevin Eddy

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