Bev and Vicci Steal the Show on THE VOICE

Tuesday night was the last showdown between The Voice finalists Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, and Beverly McClellan. Although Javier and Dia put out a strong effort, female rockers Vicci and Beverly stole the show with their powerful performances.

I’ve loved Javier’s voice from the beginning. For a while, I thought he’d win the whole show. But I was unimpressed by last night’s performances. Although he sounded lovely in both his solo and duet with coach Adam Levine, he couldn’t match the passion of the other artists.

As for Dia, she just wasn’t at her best. She sounded out-of-tune in her solo and duo with coach Blake Shelton. I especially disliked her solo. It unfortunately emphasized the change in sound quality when she switched from head voice to chest voice. I also agreed with rival coach Adam Levine that the shadow dancers were unnecessary and distracting. Dia has a powerful artistic vision, but she doesn’t have enough vocal strength to be crowned “The Voice”.

Vicci left it all out on the stage for both her solo and duo with coach Cee Lo Green. She described her solo, “Afraid to Sleep”, as an epic song; I’d go a step further and qualify her performance as epic. I also loved her duo with Cee Lo of Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield”, a song which perfectly suits her voice and stage persona. In fact, Contrapuntist has mentioned to me that she reminded him of Pat Benatar from the very beginning of the competition. Cee Lo pulled out his infamous showmanship for the duet. Complete with fiery torches and warrior-like dueling child dancers, the dynamic performance brought the house down at the end of the show.

Like Vicci, Beverly laid it all out there for both of her performances. Coach Christina Aguilera chose her signature song, “Beautiful” for their duo. Unlike some of last night’s other duos, it felt more like a collaboration between two artistic equals rather than a showcase for a coach and her student. It says a lot for Beverly that she could match Christina’s vocal mastery. Beverly’s solo, “Love Sick” was my favorite performance of the night. She used every inch of the stage, including the top of the piano, to reach out to the audience.

Beverly is my favorite contestant, and I hope she’ll take it all for a number of reasons. First and foremost, she’s the anti-American Idol. She’s bald, gay, over 30, and has a distinctive appearance. She’s the kind of singer who would make Idol producers run away screaming, and I love her for it. We have way too many vanilla pop singers out there, and it’s about time for somebody to shake things up with some rocky road. Second, she has an absolutely incredible voice. If you take away the pyrotechnics from Vicci’s performances last night and compare her vocal power with Beverly’s, there’s no question about it. Beverly sings with a freedom and open vibrato which Vicci can’t even begin to touch. And last of all, Beverly is the most versatile artist on the show. She was the only one who sang two contrasting songs last night – the mellow “Beautiful” followed by the bombastic “Love Sick”. The best measure of a true artist is versatility, and none of the other singers can claim to have performed in the broad range of styles and characters that Beverly has displayed throughout the show.

The results episode of The Voice will air tonight on NBC at 8:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM CT.

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