The Voice Finale: Vocal Power versus Artistic Vision

It’s no secret that Viola and I are fascinated by the hit NBC show, The Voice. After several weeks of competition, the best singer with “the voice” will be crowned champion, win a contract and hopefully go on to have a successful career. In anticipation of the finale, I’ve thought about how people will decide who should win between the four finalists – Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Javier Colon, and Vicci Martinez.

I should add, that I completely agree with the finalists chosen. Not that the others four who were eliminated were bad. But the ones who are competing in the finale have a musical maturity the others lack. The exception might be Frenchie Davis, who has had a minor career on Broadway.

Each finalist has interesting and appealing vocal quality, making this an interesting finale. Any one of them can win this competition.  Each also has a distinctive vocal quality making it impossible to compare the sound of the competitors’ voices.  Each brings something special to stage in their own way.

Who will win?

Ultimately, America will have to choose between artistic vision and vocal power.  Dia Frampton has displayed the clearest artist vision week after week.  Vicci Martinez comes at a very close second. What Javier Colon and Beverly McClellan lack in artistic vision, is made up with pure vocal power.  Beverley is a power house and can belt it better than anyone else. Will that be enough?

What I have found interesting is watching how the pros have responded as teacher.  It’s true that not every performer can teach, and it’s interesting to see a different side from each artist. I have to give top coach honor to Blake. He has done a great job pulling both Dia and Xenia out of their shells.

The coach who allows the competitor to capitalize on vocal strengths and is able to show the artistic vision will, I think, make the difference in this week’s finale.  Vocal power matters, but the ability to sing loudly means less than having something to say and conveying it emotionally on stage.

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