Get Ready For the Film DUDAMEL: Let the Children Play

Music has the power to save lives.  When I first started blogging, three years ago (crazy how time flies), I shared my own story.  I grew up lost as a teenager unsure what path I should follow. If it wasn’t for a couple of people who recognized my talent and encouraged me to pursue music, it is unclear where I would be today.

It is the reason why I consider the new film, with Gustavo Dudamel , conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, DUDAMEL: Let the Children Play, an important story worth watching, which will premiere on June 23rd.

The film was captured in seven different countries providing a glimpse into the world of orchestras, conducting, and the importance of music as a hopeful path to face the educational crisis worldwide.  Inspired by “El Sistema”, the Venezuelan musical and educational program which immerses children in the world of music, art, teamwork, discipline, creativity and high values, Gustavo Dudamel brings us on a journey through the stories of some of the young lives who have been touched by the joys of music.

“DUDAMEL: Let the Children Play   has a simple message to all of us: music can change your life,” said Dan Diamond, vice president of NCM Fathom. “Broadcast straight into local movie theaters across America featuring stories from diverse corners of the globe with gifted children and separate interviews with celebrities gathered by CNN en Español, this event presents an incredible opportunity to experience the joy of music and its power to bring people together.”

The two-hour event will also include “Crescendo: Why Music is Life,” a special 20-minute CNN en Español production that chronicles the importance of music in children’s lives and explores the role of music in society. Well-known Latin singers, musicians and CNN en Español anchors – including Emilio Estefan, Daisy Fuentes, Lady Gaga, Luis Enrique and more – share insights about their enduring relationship with music, from their earliest memories to the impact it continues to have on their lives today.

Discover why rhythm, harmony and melody are essential to the beat of life, and why music is at the very core of all humanity.

Visit to purchase your tickets. Limited seats are available.


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