Break of Reality Perform Metallica Cover

In the process of scouring the internet, I stumbled onto an amusing quartet, Break of Reality. The group has a similar sound to Apocalyptica, but instead of four cellos the group has three cellos with a percussionist.  The following video is of the group performing Metallica’s “The Day That Never Comes” from Death Magnetic.

Break of Reality formed at the Eastman School of Music in 2003. According to the band’s bio, Break of Reality has performed in a variety of venues around the country, from New York City clubs such as Joe’s Pub to classical music halls such as Eastman Theatre. In 2007, the group performed as a featured ensemble at the New Directions Cello Festival in Sacramento, CA.

Along with performing, the group has written music for dance, film, and television. Their music was featured in an Emmy award-winning episode of AIR: America’s Investigative Reports on PBS.

Break of Reality is committed to music education, working with students of all ages through workshops, master-classes, and student performances. The band has released two independent albums of original music, The Sound Between (2006) and Spectrum of the Sky (2009).

From the original songs I listened to, “Circles” (video below) was the most interesting.  The playing is pretty good, but I wish the parts were a little more varied to make the arrangement more interesting. At times, the quartet’s original songs get a bit repetitive.  Other than that, I continue to be amazed at how metal and classical music fans and musicians are blurring the lines.


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