Classical Music Relaxes Babies and Cats?

We’ve all heard about those studies which investigate the positive effects of classical music on the human brain. Well now, two separate research projects are exploring the benefits of classical music in calming anxiety in newborn babies and cats.

British website Mail Online reports on a clinic in Slovakia which is using classical music to comfort newborn babies when their mothers are away. Clinic Chief Dr. Slavka Viragova said that the music works as a replacement for a mother’s voice by helping the babies to breathe regularly and maintain a proper heartbeat. Music therapy also helps the baby to gain weight, recover from the trauma of birth, and cope with pain. Clinic workers place headphones on the babies 5-6 times a day and play either forest sounds or relaxing music by Mozart and Vivaldi.

Here in America, Colorado State University veterinarian Dr. Narda Robinson and psychologist Lori Kogan are studying if classical music will relax cats and their owners during trips to the vet’s office. According to a post on, researchers have found that cats dislike going to the vet even more than dogs, which means that their owners may take them less often. As a result, the felines may receive less regular medical attention.

During the experiment, cats will visit CSU’s veterinary teaching hospital two times. They will be randomly exposed to either silence or slow classical music during each visit. The session will be videotaped and also observed through a window by independent researchers who will not know if music is playing in the exam room.

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